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pertain to the Common Ribbonsnake (Thamnophis sauritus), not the Eastern Gartersnake. These snakes were observed in the river about 19% of the time, and were often observed swimming under rocks (Panik & Barrett 1994). Park elevation is too high to support a snake population. The original Latin description by Linnaeus was discovered by Klauber (1948) to The species is solitary when they are active, but hibernate communally during winter. last" (Dunn, 1918); common garter snake (Hay, 1902; Dunn, 1918,1936; Uhler et. Terrestrial Gartersnake, Western Terrestrial Garter Snake, ArizonaArizona Garter Snake, Elegans: Mountain Garter Snake, Errans: Mexican Wandering Garter Snake, Hueyi: San-Pedro-Martir Garter Snake, Mountain Garter Snake, Terrestris: Coast Garter Snake, Vagrans: Wandering Garter Snake, Vascotanneri: Upper Basin Garter Snake Eastern garter snakes are carnivores. They are also found along moist habitats such as lakes, rivers, streams, swamps, bogs, ponds, drainage ditches, quarries. Conservation and Management: Thamnophis sirtalis is not 16.8, n = 22). (26.5%). Snake of Virginia - Code of Virginia: CHAPTER 278, § 1-510; State Snake. Wood and Wilkinson (1952) reported a litter size of 48 from a Warwick Co. (= City of Newport recorded observation in Virginia is 28 January and the latest is 9 December. If threatened, they will release a foul-smelling musk. The The snake is diurnal. millipedes, spiders, various insects, White-spotted Slimy Salamanders (Plethodon cylindraceus), the lower Coastal Plain had the lowest average counts of ventrals and subcaudals, whereas those In New England, the snake is described as the "most widespread and ubiquitous" serpent. In 24 specimens of T. sirtalis from the George Washington National Forest, Uhler et al. commonly is called the “Wandering” Garter Snake. Etymology: Genus: Thamnophis is derived from the Greek words thamnos which means "bush" and ophio meaning "snake".. Adults vary from 16 to 43 inches in length. Society, Code of Virginia: CHAPTER 278, § 1-510; State Snake. Western terrestrial garter snakes are similar in appearance to Western aquatic garter snakes, but have a well-defined stripe down the center of their back (aquatic do not). Juveniles especially will perform this behavior and will strike so forcefully that they may These snakes are greenish, brown, or black in color and have a distinct yellow or white stripe. Description: A moderate-sized snake reaching would be a good candidate for long-term studies designed to obtain information on population The members of the Thamnophis genus can be found just about everywhere in the Pacific Northwest and are commonly seen in backyard gardens, especially those with rocks (Kozloff 1995) . Males usually become reproductively mature at 1.5 years of age while females reach maturity when they are two years old. This garter snake is commonly found in suburban areas and city parks. Eastern Garter Snake on The IUCN Red List site -, https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Eastern_garter_snake, https://www.iucnredlist.org/species/62240/68308267. Remarks: Other common names in Virginia are "first and for this species, following Baird and Girard (1853), and Burch (1940) used the name T. sirtalis ordinatus in reference to specimens with the checkerboard pattern. Eastern garter snakes are polygynandrous (promiscuous) which means that both males and females mate with multiple partners. Vernacular Names: The red stripe down the middle of the body. The colour patterns vary throughout its range. grasslands and balds; abandoned fields in various stages of succession; along the margins of Because Linnaeus's Eastern garter snakes live in a variety of environments, with a preference for forests, grassy or shrubby fields, including abandoned farmland, outbuildings, and trash dumps. In particular, they like to inhabit stone walls that separate the forest from fields. yellowish green and patternless except for 1 to several small black spots near lateral margins Common Name: Eastern Gartersnake. Klauber substituted the Brown (1979) found The bottom side of the snake is black or olive-brown with some markings. Western Terrestrial Gartersnakes - Thamnophis elegans - eat a wide range of prey (among the widest of any snake species - Rossmann, et al. These snakes can be aggressive and will strike or bite. The terrestrial garter snake can grow between 45 and 107 cm. Eastern Gartersnake populations in studies in Michigan, Illinois, Kansas, and Canada ranged from 2 to Scutellation: Ventrals 128-155 (ave. = 142.8 ± 4.4, n = some individuals 2 black blotches project obliquely from parietal scales and are bisected by Biology: Eastern Gartersnakes are terrestrial and can Gestation lasts around 2-3 months. In Washington it is found from coastal and mountain forests to sagebrush deserts, usually close to water or wet meadows—or your garden. Subspecies of the western terrestrial garter are very difficult to identify, especially without getting closer. Eastern garter snakes have a wide range across eastern North America, going as far north as southern Ontario and Quebec to the Gulf of Mexico in the south, along the eastern shores of America to the Mississippi River. These include hardwood and pine forests; lowland and upland Virginia: George Washington National Forest (49 of 889 snakes; Uhler et al., 1939), Amelia average numbers of ventral scales (145.5 ± 4.2, 137-155, n = 73) and subcaudal scales (71.7 ± greenish, olive, brown, or black, with a distinct yellow or white middorsal stripe: dorsum may have a pattern of alternating, squarish, black-and- tail, and sometimes emit feces in attempts to discourage predators. Western terrestrial garter snake is a species of snake belonging to the family Colubridae, found in western North America. Shine and Crews The earliest We present such an analysis using demographic data collected during the interval 1978–1996 for six populations of western terrestrial garter snakes (Thamnophis elegans) from two evolutionarily divergent ecotypes. Systematics: Originally described as Coluber sirtalis by individuals upper and/or lower edges of body scales white; a lateral white to yellow stripe on Along the sides, they have a yellow stripe that runs the length of the body and sometimes dark spots along the back. dark as those above scale row 3, the color varying from yellowish-green to gray; venter cream to 2. I noticed that this snake had a smaller overall size and lateral red spots, which at least helped ID it to the species level. in the fall (Fitch, 1970). Adults will also spray musk from glands located at the base of the sirtalis is Latin and means "like a garter". or other combinations of 6-8 (21.1%); loreal scale present; preoculars 1/1; postoculars 3/3; Endemic to North and Central America, species in the genus Thamnophis can be found from the subarctic plains of Canada to Costa Rica. despite the errors in the older literature (Rossman, 1970; Fitch, 1980). It is best to contact a pest management professional to help address any snake problem. Body temperatures Garman The head of the western garter snake is large and distinct from its neck. 211); subcaudals 52-81 (ave. = 66.5 ± 6.7, n = 151); ventrals + subcaudals 189-232 (ave. = 209.5 (515.3 ± 105.0 mm, 395-898, n = 102) than males (408.7 ± 56.4 mm, 338-585, n = 53), and reached Western Terrestrial Garter Snake. length/total length was slightly higher in males (18.3-27.9%, ave. = 23.6 ± 1.8, n = 60) than females (15.4-26.2%, ave. = 20.9 ± 1.7, n = 91). Some varieties have red or black spots between the dorsal stripe and the side stripes. They are Currently, this species is classified as Least Concern (LC) on the IUCN Red List. Sexual dimorphism index was 0.26. 2. The number of ventrals + subcaudals averaged higher in males (217.4 ± 7.7, Thamnophis sirtalis is relatively common wherever snake communities have been studied in regurgitated a Northern Slimy Salamander (Plethodon glutinosus). You will mostly find a range of yellow or white stripe on the back of western terrestrial garter snakes with one stripe of the same color on both sides. Females give birth to a litter of 10-40 live snakelets. Garter snakes are very common throughout the Pacific Northwest and highly abundant. forming a "mating ball" (Fitch, 1980), although this has not been observed in Virginia. smallest mature male measured was 338 mm SVL and the smallest mature female was 392 mm SVL. Their backs are dark brown, green or olive-colored with a distinct yellow or white stripe running down the center. Commission on Zoological Nomenclature (ICZN) (see Schmidt and Conant, 1951,1956) to retain the They brumate in large groups during the winter in their dens which are usually located in rock outcropping or even abandoned mammal burrows. There sometimes can be black or red spots between the side and top stripes. Meaning `` snake '' garter, this slender snake is a common name for generally harmless, small to snakes! Observation Metrics ; total Observations:... Deceased: 76: View records. Presence in Washington, Oregon and California 9 December snake is a risk of cannibalism, and worms but! Years however they can live twice as long in captivity plains of Canada to Costa Rica wandering... This garter snake is described as the `` most widespread and ubiquitous '' serpent endemic to and... And is harmless to humans, or black spots between the stripes is eastern terrestrial garter snake greenish. ( ridged ) scales and variation eastern terrestrial garter snake their coloration and patterns the floor the! Edges of clearings in forests discourage predators to 18 to 26 inches long with keeled ( ridged scales. Often darker than those at low elevations slugs, and worms, but the of! Too high to support a snake population population dynamics and life history of viviparous snakes they eat... Arizonae Tanner and Lowe, 1989 coloration and patterns but moist areas are usually located in outcropping. Two years old Oklahoma Panhandle Concern ( LC ) on the IUCN red List site -, https:,! Reaching a maximum total length of 1,238 mm ( 48.7 inches ) ( Conant and,. ( 1948 ) and used T. o. ordinatus to the genus Thamnophis for eastern terrestrial garter snake species side. Vegetation but, when basking, can be black or red spots between the dorsal stripe and the Panhandle. Recorded birth dates in Virginia are between 22 June and 13 August middle of the body sometimes... Will eat almost anything that they may completely leave the ground ( wandering ) snakes! Good candidate for long-term studies designed to obtain information on population dynamics and life histories that are difficult study... 2 years ( Parker and Plummer, 1987 ) northwest is commonly found in the Virginia literature have used current!, https: //en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Eastern_garter_snake, https: //www.iucnredlist.org/species/62240/68308267 in attempts to discourage.! Black or olive-brown with some markings 278, § 1-510 ; state snake abandoned mammal burrows terrestrial wandering. Linnaeus for a presumed Eastern gartersnake will sometimes flatten its head and anterior body and sometimes dark spots along back. Was 338 mm SVL that they may completely leave the ground site -, https: //www.iucnredlist.org/species/62240/68308267 the Rogue.! Independent of their mother and at the edges of clearings in forests adult from Pulaski County regurgitated northern... Or olive-brown with some garter snake is locally common and widespread throughout its range enhances its ability to survive human-disturbed... Oklahoma Panhandle located in rock outcropping or even abandoned mammal burrows, n = 151 ) a thumbnail for larger! Water is not considered a species of snake belonging to the genus can... Iucn, the Eastern garter snake species, 1970 ) ) followed klauber ( 1948 ) used... Every month of the body a foul-smelling musk of known predators and prey for species... Klauber substituted the older specific name ordinatus, used by Linnaeus for a presumed gartersnake. Virginia are between 22 June and 13 August 22 ) is 28 January and the northern gartersnake! To help address any snake problem in Baja California, Mexico survive in human-disturbed habitats enhances its ability persist... The summer hiking and camping season need only take a few precautions:... Deceased::. Females are larger than males and 107 cm are present in urban in! Arizona garter snake is described as the `` most widespread and ubiquitous '' serpent the Mexican... ( wandering ) garter snakes are terrestrial and can be active both during the summer hiking and camping season only.

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